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Black Knight ‘Sword of Rage’ Pro Pinball Machine


Condition: New
Year Released: 2019
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs


Black Knight ‘Sword of Rage’ Pro Pinball Machine

black knight sword of rage rules is back and better than ever! Also Taking everything you loved about the originals and infusing it with today’s technology, the features and gameplay are unrivaled. Also Designed by the original Black Knight designer, Steve Richie. So this is the table pinball fans have been waiting for! Eye-popping artwork surrounds the crystal clear LCD screen. Therefore,  that displays all original animation bringing to life the Knight, his skeleton army, his evil allies, and more!

To add, With playfield features like a spinning flail, an upper playfield (LE and Premium). Also a Magna save, this is a totally new Black Knight but with all the charm of the originals.In Addition, Retro play mode lets you play it like the original games, even using the LCD to display early pinball numeric-style scoring. Also, Taking a great game and making it even better, this is sure to become an instant classic.

LE Features of black knight sword of rage rules:

  • Firstly, Anti-reflective playfield glass
  • secondly, Mirrored Backglass
  • Upgraded Sound System
  • Shaker Motor
  • Black/Gold Metal Flake Armor and legs with gold leg bolts
  • Unique LE only inside cabinet art blades
  • Limited to 600 LE machines
  • Interactive, molded Black Knight with Threatening LED eyes
  • Also, a Motorized ball Interactive Flail Mechanism
  • .105 Stainless Steel
  • Coil Driven ball interactive shield mechanism
  • Lexan upper Playfield with 3 entrance points
  • Lock Catapult on the upper playfield
  • New all metal and steel ramps
  • Shooter lane ramp to upper and lower playfield
  • 3 Banked timed trop target
  • Single Drop Target
  • 1 Spinning Target
  • Also, Magna-Save now operated by front molding button
  • 3 Flippers- 1 flipper on the upper playfield
  • 3 Pop Bumpers
  • 2 VUKS (Vertical Up-Kicker)
  • Fire display to burn down Knight’s castle
  • LED’s with spectacular modern light shows
  • RGB LED’s in all lightning inserts
  • Lightning Wheel Center Playfield
  • White and Red controlled LED GI
  • More so, LCD all original animation bringing to life the Knight, More so, his skeleton army, his evil allies, and more
  • Also A retro play mode utilizes classic rules of the original games and has early pinball numeric score displayed on the LCD
  • Artwork by Kevin O’Connor
  • In Addition, Added music was written and played by Brendon Small Anthrax’s Scott Ian
  • Lastly Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson voices the Skeleton

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1 review for Black Knight ‘Sword of Rage’ Pro Pinball Machine

  1. Lauren Jackson

    Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a fast, action-oriented game for their line-up. The delivery service was excellent as well—no damage to the game at all.

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