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Super Alpine Racer Arcade


Condition: New
Dimensions: 35″ W x 82″ D x 100″ H
Weight: 500 lbs



Super Alpine Racer Arcade This remake of the arcade classic comes with brand new characters and completely redesigned courses. Also In collaboration with Raw Thrills,  has a vertically mounted 55″ HD monitor. So, There are multi-colored LEDs infused into t-moldings of the cabinet. The multi-pivot platform simulates the movements of a downhill skier.

Feel the wind through your hair from the built-in air blowers and shoot through the gates to gain an additional boost to speed past. So your opponents while performing insane tricks in the air.

BANDAI NAMCO and Raw OF Super   Arcade

Thrills have teamed up again to bring back a classic arcade favorite,  . This ski racing game has players hitting the slopes with completely new courses and brand new characters all on an amazing. SO, vertically mounted 55 HD screen.

Compete against other players using the unique ski-like platform to pass through the gates and receive an additional boost.  While performing incredible tricks in the air. Feel the wind through your hair as the built in air blowers add. An additional element of realism to this downhill skiing game

1 review for Super Alpine Racer Arcade

  1. Sharon Chaffee

    Super cool arcade at a super cool price. They are so responsive and careful about delivery. Worked perfectly after setup.

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